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Meditation To Out-Of-Body Lucid Dream (MOOB)

Most people who follow the steps on this site can do this. It is composed of the Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) technique, dream incubation, and a deep 15-25

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SSILD: Senses Initiated Lucid Dream

The Senses Initiated Lucid Dream (SSILD) technique involves focusing upon your three main senses (sight, sound, and touch) as you fall asleep to help promote the induction of a lucid dream.

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Mind Awake Body Asleep

Mind Awake Body Asleep is a state in which your body is asleep while your mind remains conscious. It is desirable for transitioning into wonderful Wake Induced Lucid Dreams (WILDs).

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How To Have Vivid Dreams

Anyone can learn how to have vivid dreams rather easily. There is one main difference between vivid dreams and non-vivid dreams...and that is how much you remember.

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What Is Hypnagogia?

Hypnagogia is the state of consciousness leading into sleep. It is characterized by the experience of visual imagery, sounds, and sensations as you approach the threshold of sleep and dreaming.

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What Is A False Awakening?

A false awakening is a dream that convincingly feels as though you just woke up. You may think your dream is over and that you just woke up, when in fact you are in a new dream.

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How To Have Lucid Dream Sex

Lucid dream sex is one of the most popular activities among oneironauts. The ability to take control of the dream environment makes lucid dreaming the perfect environment for sexploration.

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Is Lucid Dreaming Bad?

Is lucid dreaming bad? Can it cause you to confuse dreams with reality, ruin your health, or harm you in any way? Let's find out...

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Is Lucid Dreaming Dangerous?

Is lucid dreaming dangerous? You've heard people say "you can't move", "you might not wake up", and "it's terrifying!" Is this really true? Or is lucid dreaming safe?

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What Is Lucid Dreaming?

What is lucid dreaming? Lucid dreaming is the ability to know that you are dreaming, while you are in a dream. It means that you can "wake up" inside of a dream and take control!

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How Do I Lucid Dream?

How do I lucid dream? Well, the key to lucid dreaming is being able to distinguish when you are dreaming vs. when you are awake. Here's how to do that...

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Top 10 Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

What are the benefits of lucid dreaming? When we become aware that we are dreaming, we no longer have to let things just happen to us. We can now consciously interact and take part in the story.

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99 Ideas For Lucid Dreams

Whether you are trying to have your first lucid dream or you're an experienced oneironaut, check out these ideas for lucid dreams. You just might find something that sparks your imagination!

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What Is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep?

Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is the stage in your sleep cycle when most dreaming occurs. During REM, you experience sleep paralysis, eye movement, irregular breathing, an increase in brain activity...

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How To Fly In Lucid Dreams

Being able to fly is something we've all imagined doing since we were kids. There's something magical about soaring through the air. Luckily we can learn to fly in lucid dreams.

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