How to Lucid Dream

You will learn how to lucid dream in no time at all if you implement a few changes to your routine and have the right mindset. 

Lucid dreaming is all about being more aware. If you learn to become more lucid during the day, you will become more lucid in your sleep.

Learning and practicing the fundamentals (below) will speed up your learning curve and improve your chances of having your first lucid dream.

If you are a beginner, click on the first article below to get started:

Dream Recall: Remembering Your Dreams

This is the first step in having lucid dreams. Without good dream recall, you won't remember if you were even lucid in the first place!

How often do you remember your dreams?

Keeping A Dream Journal

The absolute best way to improve dream recall is by writing down your dreams every morning. Every lucid dreamer should have a dream journal at their bedside. Find out the most effective way for writing down your dreams.

Know Your Dream Signs

Dream signs are common occurrences, places, people, events, emotions, etc. that reoccur in your dreams. Knowing your dream signs will help you to know when you are dreaming. 

Reality Check: Am I Dreaming?

Most times you don't know you are dreaming until you wake up. Performing conscious reality checks throughout the day will help you wake up in your dreams.

Using Dream Incubation to Create Your Dreams

Knowing what to do in the last few minutes before falling asleep can make a huge difference. Learn how to easily condition your subconscious mind to help you achieve lucidity. 

How Do I Lucid Dream?

Looking for a comprehensive beginners guide to lucid dreaming? One that puts it all together and explains everything you need to have your first lucid dream? Well, look no further! (You might even want to bookmark this page!)

The Easiest Way to Have Lucid Dreams

It can take time and a little bit of trial and error to experience a lucid dream. After years and years of experimenting, here's the easiest way that I have found to get there...

Share Your First Lucid Dream Experience!

Tell us about your first lucid dream? How did you know it was a dream? How long did it last? What was it like?

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