Dreams and Sleep

We sleep for 1/3 of our lives...with 1/4 of that spent dreaming. For something that takes up that much of our lives, it should be important to understand, right? Like:

  • Why does everyone say we need 8 hours of sleep?
  • What are dreams? What do they mean?
  • Why do we dream? Why can't I remember them in the morning?

Don't let another sleep cycle pass you by. Take a moment to explore the mysterious depths of dreams and sleep...understanding how it all works and why it is vital to your life. 

Top 10 Sleeping Tips for Optimizing Your Night

Sleep is so important to your health and function. These are my top 10 tips for having the best sleep of your life! 

How to Remember Dreams

Do you have a hard time remembering what you dreamt about? It's a very common scenario for many. Let me walk you through a foolproof way for remembering your dreams in the morning.

Sleep Paralysis:
How to Overcome the Fear and Enter Lucid Dreams

Sleep paralysis is one of the most controversial topics related to lucid dreaming. It can be a terrifying experience for some. Learn how to eliminate the fear and transcend into amazing lucid dreams.

The 4 Most Common Nightmares & What They Mean

Nightmares are often manifestations of negative thoughts and emotions caused by stress. We all experience them, but do we really know what they're trying to tell us? Find out the most common nightmares and what they really mean.

What Is Rapid Eye Movement (REM) Sleep?

Rapid Eye Movement or REM sleep is the phase of sleep in which our brain is most active. It is no surprise that this is when most dreaming occurs. Knowing when REM occurs can lead to having more lucid dreams.

What Is A False Awakening?

Have you ever "woken up" from a dream, only to find yourself in another dream!? This can actually be a nerve-racking experience. Find out how you can tell when this happens and how you can transform it into a lucid dream!

What Is Hypnagogia?

Have you ever noticed strange imagery, sounds, or sensations as you were falling asleep? This state of consciousness is known as hypnagogia. Find out to become more aware of the hypnagogic state and how to follow it into a lucid dream.

How To Have Vivid Dreams

Vivid dreams don't have to be rare occurrences. In fact, it is possible to have vivid dreams every night, by improving dream recall and becoming more aware of when you dream.

Your Sleep Cycle

As you sleep, your body cycles through different phases of light, deep, and REM sleep. Find out why this is important to know and how you can maximize your sleep.

What are Dreams?

Every night, whether you remember or not, you pass in and out of a separate world of thoughts, emotions, images, and sensations. What are these nightly escapades we call dreams? 

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