Top 10 Benefits of Lucid Dreaming

What are the benefits of lucid dreaming? How is it different from ordinary dreaming?

When we look deeper into the world of dreams, we begin to see that they often guide us, play out issues, and give us a visual experience that mimics our thoughts and reality. When we become aware that we are dreaming, we no longer have to let things just happen to us. We can now consciously interact and take part in the story.

These are the top 10 benefits of lucid dreaming:

10. Take Control of Your Dreams

Dream control is the ability to manipulate and take command of your dreams. When you lucid dream, you are no longer just an observer. You can manifest, change, and interact with whatever (or whoever) you desire! Anything is possible...

9. It's Fun!

Whether you choose to fly around, explore sexual fantasies, or manipulate things with your superpowers; there are so many things to do in a lucid dream

It's your own virtual reality. No equipment necessary! 

What other benefits of lucid dreaming do you need!?

8. Cure Nightmares

Nightmares are dreadful. They exploit our deepest fears, sometimes night after night. We feel lost, scared, and hopeless afterwards; like there is nothing we can do to stop them.

Lucid dreaming is the cure. 

Knowing that you are dreaming gives you the ability to take control of what is happening. This power lets you change the dream scene, wake up, or even confront your fears with love and embrace. 

7. Understand The Meaning of Your Dreams

Being lucid allows you to contemplate the dream as it's happening, instead of waiting until you wake up. This real-time analysis allows you to question and interact with the your own subconscious.

Explore your own consciousness. Ask a dream character (or the dream itself):

  • "What does this mean?"
  • "Why am I here?"
  • "Does this dream have a purpose?"

You might be surprised by the answers...

6. Therapeutic & Healing

Mental: If you find yourself upset about circumstances at work, why not take control of a dream to express your anxiety to your boss or co-workers? You will feel more empowered and might even find a solution that can translate into your real life situation.

Physical: If you are dealing with an ailment, whether it's a minor ache or a chronic disease, lucid dreaming is a tool to consider. Visit a doctor in your dream or use your power of intention to heal from deep within your consciousness. The mind is a powerful tool...think about the placebo effect.

5. Spiritual

Lucid dreaming offers the perfect venue for complete peace and contemplation. This is a great time to gain insight by asking questions surrounding the meaning and purpose of your life. 

4. Learning, Practicing, and Problem Solving

Athletes, students, and professionals who know how to lucid dream have been using their dreams to learn and solve problems that drastically improve their real lives.

Imagine being able to practice a skill, such as skateboarding, in a dream environment. You would be able to practice proper form without risk of injury. This mental repetition will effectively transfer into your waking life and help you improve faster.

Dream incubation can be used to implant a problem or question into your subconscious mind. When given a task, your subconscious will seek out a solution and provide it to you...often in your dreams.

3. Creativity

Unlike waking life, dreams have the ability to manifest and change instantaneously. You are able to create, erase, and rearrange anything with the snap of a finger, allowing you to "play" in your mind very quickly and discover things much faster.

Einstein imagined riding on a beam of light which helped him form the special theory of relativity. What will you imagine?

2. Exploration

Last time I checked, there was no roadmap to lucid dreaming. Just like the universe, our dreams are boundless and have unlimited potential. 

With lucid dreaming, you have the ability to do something that's never been done by a human mind. There is so much unknown about the dream world...and so much to be explored. What will you discover?

1. Privacy

This is your own private fantasy world. You can do anything you want and nobody has to ever know about it! Throw out the norms and rules of real life. Indulge in the forbidden and the unknown. You need this independent time to maintain your sanity!

What are some other benefits of lucid dreaming?

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