How To Have Lucid Dream Sex

Lucid dream sex is one of the most popular activities among oneironauts. Lucid dreaming offers the potential to take control of the dream environment, manifest people and objects, and interact with other characters; making it the perfect environment for sexploration

Admit it, you’ve often fantasized about having wild sex with your crush or favorite celebrity. If only it were possible, right!? It is…in a lucid dream!

Whatever your wildest fantasy: a forbidden threesome, erotic bondage, sex in public, or passionate lovemaking with the man or woman of your ‘dreams’…it can be done. The best part is that any fear of inadequacy and embarrassment can be diminished and even eliminated in the private setting of a dream.

How To Have Lucid Dream Sex With Anyone

Sex is a primal urge. If you're in need of a release, here's how to satisfy that sexual fantasy of yours in a lucid dream:


To manifest or create someone you have in mind (supermodel, celebrity, imagined dream partner, personal crush, etc.):

  1. Think of who that person (i.e. Kate Upton or Channing Tatum, maybe?). You don’t necessarily have to have a specific person in mind. If you just want to encounter a hot guy or girl, just imagine one.
  2. Ask/demand for them. Ask the dream to bring them before you. “Please show me ________!” 
  3. Create the scenario. Say something like, “When I walk through this door, ________ will appear before me.” Then walk through the door.

Note: Use these techniques to manifest objects, props, or sex toys that you want to incorporate as well!

Orgasms and Lucid Dreams

Is it possible to have a real orgasm from a lucid dream? 


You've probably heard of a wet dream, right? A wet dream is a when you reach an orgasm from a dream. It is most commonly associated with young boys going through puberty, but can be experienced by women as well.

When you enter rapid eye movement or REM sleep, which is the sleep state in which most dreaming occurs, your body goes through many metabolic changes, including increases in heart rate, breathing, eye movement, brain activity, and sexual arousal.

When you become sexually aroused from a dream, the excitement and emotions translate to changes in your physical body. For men, the penis will become erect. For females, the clitoris will become engorged and vaginal walls lubricated. If the conditions are right and sexual arousal peaks, you will reach an orgasm. 

Orgasms from lucid dreams can be a very unique experience, since the arousal and climax isn’t initiated by physical stimulation. They are reached by mental and emotional energy from the dream!

If you’re having trouble climaxing in a lucid dream, one way to help is by changing your sleeping posture. By lying comfortably on the stomach, a man will press his penis against the bed while a woman will have her breasts and genital area pressed. This compression will help assist your dreams in becoming more physically stimulating.

Etiquette for Lucid Dream Sex

Is there etiquette for lucid dream sex? Can I just do whatever I want, with whomever I want?

Since we really don’t know too much about the reality of dreams and what dreams truly are, it’s hard to ignore some precautions. No, I’m not talking about using a ‘dream’ condom!

For all we know, dreams could be real experiences where some, or all, of the characters we encounter are other people dreaming! Imagine that!

Here is the one guideline that I abide by (and would encourage you to consider as well):

  1. Don’t rape anyone. Only participate with willing partners. You don’t always need to “ask”. Dream characters will usually communicate a feeling telepathically. You will know whether or not they are accepting of you intuitively.

That’s it! Have fun…and get funky!

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