Meditation To Out-Of-Body Lucid Dream (MOOB)

by Bobby West
(Boston, MA)

Most people who follow the steps on this site can do this. It is composed of the Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) technique, dream incubation, and a deep 15-25 minute meditation.

This technique gives me an out-of-body experience 95% of the times I attempt it (even more intense than one you experience from attempting to have a WILD).

This may be scary to some people the first couple of times, but it is easy to get used to (mind over matter).

The lucid dreams I have when using this are extremely vivid, which is the main reason it can be scary. It is almost exactly the same as if I was actually awake. The sights are vivid, objects feel just as real, and everything else you do feels real (like flying, walking through walls, swimming, etc.).

If you fly too high it may be too vivid and scare you even though you can still breathe while somewhere as high up as space. If you go swimming deep in the ocean and see a shark it may also seem too real and scare you even though you can probably blow the shark up or something like that.

Just know that the dream may be scary your first time, or not, and that this method works for me and might not work for somebody else because everyone is different.


1) Create 3 mantras to repeat to yourself later on in the process.

2) Set an alarm to go off after 4.5 hours of sleep (preferably one that is not too loud, but just enough to wake you up in a soothing manner, rather than startle you).

3) Go to sleep. I recommend sleeping in one comfortable position even though that may not matter before you wake up in 4.5 hours

4) Wake up when your alarm goes off.

5) This is where the meditation comes into play. First get out of your bed and walk around your house for about 30-120 seconds (or however long you need to be completely aware of what's going on around you).

Once you become aware you should sit down in an upward position with your back straight and legs crossed on a flat surface, which may be your floor with some sort of blanket or pillow, a comfortable flat chair, etc. (you could prop your back against a wall to make sure you maintain a good posture). I would not recommend a bed because they tend to morph after sleeping on them a lot, but just make sure you're comfortable so that nothing interrupts your meditation.

When you are comfortable and have found the right spot you close your eyes, put your hands where your knees are and rub your thumb, index, and middle fingers together. After you start doing that, start taking slow and deep breaths for about 5-10 minutes (until you feel relaxed).

Once you feel relaxed repeat your 3 dream mantras slowly to yourself (in your head or in a very soft whisper) for 5 minutes, you should stretch your 3 mantras for a minute at a time, repeating them all a total of 5 times after that 5 minutes is up.

After you finish repeating your mantras to yourself your brain should be completely focused on them and now it's time to breathe for another 5-10 minutes to put you in an even more relaxed state. Now you are done meditating.

6) Lay down and go back to sleep in a comfortable position. If you want, you can continue repeating your mantras for the short time you will remain awake to increase your chances of having a lucid dream even more.

What You Will Experience:

1) Hypnagogia
2) Intense Vibrational Stage
3) Sleep Paralysis

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Mar 28, 2014
To Ross
by: Bobby West

Not sure if I could reply directly to your comment, but if you see this, mantras are simply ones that focus on my reality checks, dream intentions, and other things on those lines.
_Reality Check Mantra ex)

When I fall asleep in (x minutes) I will be aware I am dreaming when _______"

_Dream Intention Mantra ex)

When I fall asleep in (x minutes) I will hang out with my friends on the moon

*Key to these mantras is say what you feel (be very specific) and TRULY BELIEVE that your intentions can happen in the dream world. Don't talk to people who will try to make you feel like your crazy because you tell them about your awesome dreams. that could possibly ruin your train of thought.

Hope this helped you understand better.

Mar 28, 2014
by: Ross

Interesting. Not being a meditator what kind of mantra do you suggest?

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