99 Ideas For Lucid Dreams

It's always fun coming up with ideas for lucid dreams. I spent a few days thinking of all the things I've done and always wanted to do in my lucid dreams. I also got some input from other lucid dreamers and came up with a great list of things to do in a lucid dream.

It's always good to have an idea of what you want to do in a lucid dream before you fall asleep. This helps you stay focused and driven. Using dream incubation with a technique like the Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dreams (MILD) can dramatically improve your chances of entering a dream that you envision.

Whether you are trying to have your first lucid dream or you're an experienced oneironaut, check out the ideas for lucid dreams below. You just might find something that sparks your imagination! 

'Must Do' Ideas for Lucid Dreams

1. Fly!

2. Have sex

3. Look in a mirror. What do you see?

4. Change the dream scene by spinning around.

5. Walk through a wall.


6. Teleport instantaneously to a new location.

7. Set fire to objects just by looking at them.

8. Breathe underwater.

9. Reverse gravity and see what happens.

10. Use telekinesis to move things with your mind.

11. Develop super strength and crush buildings that get in your way.

12. Extend the length of your arm as far as you can.

13. Drive a car with your mind.

14. Punch the ground, creating an earthquake.

15. Become invisible and spy on people.

16. Parkour off of skyscrapers.

17. Turn people into stone.

18. Control time (fast forward, reverse, pause, etc.).

19. Change the weather.

20. Shoot lightning out of your fingertips.

21. Use X-ray vision to see through walls and other people's clothing.

22. Run around the world in less than 10 seconds.

23. Talk to animals.

24. Create a forcefield around you, becoming invincible.

25. Use mind control on another dream character.

Dream Characters

26. Converse with dream characters. Ask them anything.

27. Ask a dream character about the meaning of life.

28. Convince a dream character that they are dreaming.

29. Create a dream character.

30. Hug and kiss every dream character in sight.


31. Become a character in your favorite movie or game.

32. Play a live concert with your favorite band.

33. Enter into a zombie apocalypse and kill all the zombies.

34. Become a Pokemon master.

35. Be elected as leader of your country.

36. Become filthy rich and famous.

37. Turn everything into a cartoon.

38. Meet with your favorite celebrity or sports star.

Interact with your subconscious

39. Allow the dream to create your perfect mate right in front of you.

40. Ask the dream to show you something important.

41. Ask the dream to give you insight about a personal conflict in your life.

42. Ask how to be able to lucid dream every night.

43. Summon your dream guide.

Learning & Experimentation

44. Study for a test.

45. Try to read a book.

46. Practice a skill you are trying to master in real life.

47. Have a dream within a dream; like in the movie Inception.

48. Get mentored by the people you admire most.

49. Come up with the next million dollar idea for when you wake up.

50. Try sharing a dream with someone you know.


51. Heal a physical condition you have.

52. Quit your job, then punch your boss in the face.

53. Confront your nightmares or biggest fear.

54. Re-experience a life changing event or personal memory.

55. Meditate.

56. Manifest a gun and kill bad guys.

Time Travel

57. Obtain information about your future.

58. Find the winning lottery numbers, then play them when you wake up.

59. Experience the beginning of the universe.

60. Participate in a famous historical event like the sinking of the Titanic.

61. Talk to the younger version of you.

62. Solve a mystery (How were the Pyramids built? Who killed JFK?).

63. Prevent a major catastrophe (9/11, Pearl Harbor, Holocaust).

Test Your Senses

64. Eat a 5-star gourmet meal. Can you really taste it?

65. Smell a rose. Can you really smell it?

66. Eat a couch. Yes, a couch!

67. Experience 360 degree vision.

68. Listen to music. 

69. Attempt to get drunk off of alcohol.


70. Turn into your favorite animal (wolf, tiger, owl, etc.).

71. Turn into your pet.

72. Shrink yourself to the size of an ant.

73. Expand your size and become a giant.

74. Shrink down, fly up someone’s nose, & explore the inside of their body.

75. Experience what it’s like to be a tree.

76. Experience what it’s like to be an electron.

Just for Fun

77. Have sex while flying!

78. Meet with your family and friends.

79. Win an Olympic gold medal.

80. Go streaking!

81. Hunt down Bigfoot.

82. Propose to your crush.

83. Clone yourself, then talk with him/her.

84. Pull your heart out of your chest and watch it beat.

85. Rob a bank.

The Unknown

86. See what its like to be the opposite sex.

87. Experience what it’s like to die.

88. Resurrect the dead.

89. Communicate with aliens.

90. Inhabit another person’s body.

91. Have sex with a cartoon character.

92. Meet with a deceased relative or friend.


93. Visit a tourist attraction like the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall of China.

94. Travel to another planet or galaxy.

95. Explore the lost city of Atlantis.

96. Ride on a beam of light.

97. Fly over the Earth.

98. Travel to another dimension.

99. Explore the universe for intelligent life.

Keep the list going! Continue in the comments below, starting with 100...

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