How to Control Dreams

If you can learn to have lucid dreams, you can learn to control dreams. This is one of the most exciting parts about lucid dreaming!

Fly like Superman...have sex with hotties...interact with dream characters...manifest your dream car...use the to the far reaches of the Universe. These are all possible when you learn how to control your dreams.

Imagine yourself as the main character of your favorite video game. You have all the controls at your disposal. You can go anywhere, see anything, be anything, and do anything you desire. You can break the laws of gravity because you are not bound by anything. The only limitations are the ones you believe.

99 Ideas For Lucid Dreams

Whether you are trying to have your first lucid dream or you're an experienced oneironaut, check out this fun list of things to do in your next lucid dream.

7 Ways of Prolonging Lucid Dreams

Do your lucid dreams only last a few seconds before you lose control and wake up? Do you struggle to stay focused? See just how easy it can be to stabilize your lucid dreams and make them last longer...much longer.

How To Fly In Lucid Dreams

Flying is probably the most popular activity of lucid dreamers. There is no describing how real and exhilarating this experience is. Learn how to soar through the air effortlessly. 

How To Have Lucid Dream Sex

Your dreams are your own private world. You are free to indulge in your deepest fantasies. Dream sex can be incredibly real and intimate. When you are in control, it is possible to "hook up" with anyone you can imagine. 

Lucid Dream Characters

Dream characters are often extensions of you and your subconscious. They represent can people in your life or even parts of you. Learn how to interact with them and tap into your subconscious mind.

Lucid Dreams & Nightmares

We've all experienced nightmares and we generally tend to avoid them if at all possible. But is it smart to run away from our deepest fears? Can nightmares be overcome?

Find out how to embrace your fears and end your nightmares by learning to control dreams.

Healing Dreams

Is it possible to heal our aches, pains, and even diseases in a dream? Many people believe that you can. But how?

When we dream, there is little resistance and we are able to go deep into our subconscious. Using our intent when we lucid dream we just might be able to heal.

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