Dream Recall:
Remembering Your Dreams

Dream recall is the ability to remember your dreams.

It is said that most people forget 50% of their dreams within the first 5 minutes of waking up and 90% after 10 minutes.

What did you dream about last night? Is it hard to remember?

That's ok. Most of us have a hard time remembering them if we don't take the time to learn how.

There are many techniques and tips aimed at improving your recall. Here's what you need to do:

Before Falling Asleep

Keep a dream journal at your bedside. Even a piece of paper and pen will do the trick. 

Set your intentions. As you fall asleep, repeat in your mind: "I will remember my dreams upon waking up." This is called dream incubation.

Upon Waking

Don't move. Once you're awake, stay in the same position you woke up in. 

Keep your eyes closed. Minimize any possible distractions by bringing your attention back to the dream you just had.

Think about the last part of the dream that you remember. Take yourself back. Feel as if you were in the dream again, experiencing that same part over.

Work your way back. Instead of trying to remember the very beginning of the dream, it is easier to work yourself backwards in the chronology of the dream. Ask yourself "how did I get to this part?" Piece all of the parts together. Soon you will have a full timeline of events.

Replay the entire dream in your mind. Start at the beginning and work your way through the dream. Remember each part, the characters, scenes, and story.

Grab your dream journal. Now you're ready to start writing. Jot down a few keywords first if you're afraid you might forget, then fill in the rest. 

Include as many details as possible. Write down specific names, places, and emotions that you experienced in the dream. Note how the dream may have transitioned and what you were thinking as it unfolded.

Going Forward

Read your dream journal. Once you have a few entries down on paper, it's time to read through them again. Do you still remember these dreams? If not, how can you change your writing to improve your dream recall?

Know your dream signs. Dream signs are events, characters, places, emotions, etc. that reoccur in your dreams. Underline or circle these signs in your journal. Knowing your dream signs can help you become lucid.

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