The 4 Most Common Nightmares
and What They Mean

Nightmares strike without warning. Not only do they happen once, but often repeatedly. Night after night. Haunting you...

Your only saving grace is to wake up...but then it's still scary. It's dark. You don't want to open your eyes and expose yourself to the dangers that lurk outside your bed. Your blanket is the only comfort you have until you can find a way to calm down before you have to fall asleep again.

What do these scary dreams mean? Are they trying to tell you something? How do you stop them?

The first step to overcoming them is to understand their meaning. Here are the top 4 nightmares we all experience and what they mean:

4. Falling

You find yourself plummeting to the earth with no comprehension of how or why you got to this point. Everything is happening so fast. You're in free fall and there's nothing to grab onto. You're paralyzed with fear. The ground is coming in 3......2.......1.......

You jolt up in bed, wide awake! Your heart is pounding.


When you fall in your waking life it's because you lost control, if only for a split second. When it happens in your dreams it often means the same thing....that have you lost control.

Something in your life has gone wrong and you feel helpless. It could be a breakup, loss of a job, or any failure that's on your mind. You're looking for stability, but can't find it. You feel like you're falling.

3. Not Prepared

You find yourself in the hallways of your high school, scrambling to get to class. You eventually stumble in late, only to realize that there's an exam. The teacher hands it to you as you take your seat. The questions look absolutely foreign to you. Everyone around you is already halfway done. You think, "Am I supposed to know this?" Help!!


The title is probably too obvious. It means you're not prepared for something and you feel completely overwhelmed.

Is there something you aren't ready for? Maybe you're interviewing for a new job, there's a party you're hosting, or a you have a big school assignment that you just don't understand? 

A nightmare like this is a good sign that you need to put forth the effort to make sure you are ready.

2. Naked in Public

It's certainly cliche. You're in front of a group of your peers giving a presentation when you realize that you are completely naked. You're showing what your momma gave you and there's nothing you can do about it. Whether they begin to laugh or grimace, you feel utterly humiliated. 


If you find yourself without clothes it means that you feel vulnerable or you're afraid that people will figure you out. You're trying to hide your faults and imperfections, hoping that no one will ever notice. You're worried about how others view you, so you play it safe. Deep down your biggest fear is that people will see your "private" side.

1. Being Chased

You're all alone in a dark hallway. There's a shady figure staring at you from around the corner. You immediately turn and run, overwhelmed with fear...fear that this figure wants to hunt you down. You run as fast as you can, but your evasive actions are futile. This figure is gaining on you and ready to attack.

This is one of the most frightening nightmares we experience. Most times we don't even know who or what is chasing us. It's a true fight or flight moment.


Don't worry. Chances are pretty good that you don't actually have a stalker who's trying to kill you! It most likely means that there is something you have been putting off that you know you should do.

This is the #1 most common nightmare for a reason. Everyone knows what it's like to procrastinate. We wait too long to get something done, which allows our stress levels to build up and act out in our dreams. 


Although we may experience similar nightmares, the specific meanings always vary. Everyone is different. Your dreams are meant for you and you alone. You are the best judge of their true meaning.

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